Wednesday, January 19, 2011

shipping news.

laser cutting

i just got back in from sliding around the icy streets of parkdale. i was out for an afternoon of prototyping with the workroom's laser cutter. lasering stuff is not my usual production method of choice (with an exception here and there) but karyn and i have been plotting this special project for a while now.

as a person who ships a lot of work through canada post as letter mail and small packets, i often have to trundle down to the post office daily to see if my bundles will fit through their special measured slots to qualify as small packets. those of you in the same position will know how irritatingly time-wasting this can seem. enter my own custom-made canada post standard measuring device.

postal board

karyn and i now have a matching pair.

of course, there is more information involved in shipping - stamps need to be placed properly, space needs to be left at the bottom for post office markings, rigidity is an issue and aspect ratio comes into play. why make it simple? but these measurements here cover the basics of letter post for most purposes.

let me know if there is an interest in these. the prototyping proved these to be a fairly laser-consuming enterprise, so the full boards would probably have to be priced in the neighbourhood of $40. if there is a demand, i could also make smaller, more portable versions with the two slots and measurements. those would be more cost-effective, too. if these items are of interest to you, please let me know by leaving a comment.

oh, and what trip to the workroom would be complete without some poking around? congratulations on the ceiling-teasing extension of the fabric wall, ladies!

the workroom fabric wall

the workroom birds


Sarah McNeil said...

This is a great idea!

neonfoxtongue said...

You are one smart cookie.

Ghostface Knittah said...

Oh my god! So much better than the hacked up cardboard dealie I've been working with. I'll take one!Tradesies?


That = awesome.

karyn said...

i am SO ready to ship my letter/oversized letter mail now!!!

sweetie pie press said...

okay, maybe i will make a little batch of the mini portable ones for the trunk show.

actually costing that prototype out would come out to something like $150 retail so i will have to do some fiddling and start small, i think.

thanks for the encouragement, guys!


Krystal said...

You are a genius. Great ideas born out of need! Also, nice choice on the post title. My bf will appreciate that, he's a fan.

Missy said...

That is really cool, Becky! They always pull that out on me here at our post office.

t a n y a said...


Just went to the post office today for exactly the purpose of seeing about postage for oversize mail. Would definitely be interested. Now I just have to get me a digital scale...hmmmm.

Lisa PN said...

I would love me a small portable one. i am working on a number of mail art projects this year so it would come in handy!

see you on sunday!