Thursday, January 13, 2011

news from the campfire.

grey day

it's a million shade of grey today. maybe it is because i don't have to commute, but i am really into this winter so far.

today i want to share a few choice pieces of news that have come to me from others.

1. airin mcguinty is on the cusp of launching mcguinty's mending service for toronto residents. the mending service will run every monday by appointment beginning on january 17. appointments must be made by sunday. sounds pretty perfect to me.

2. shannon is having a big moving/studio/liquidation sale at her old place on january 30. she is promising cheap art and even some new stuff from willy (my favourite soon-to-be-ten-year-old). the goal? she needs to buy a van so that she and willy can take a very special road trip to california before his formative years have formed. but before they go there, they have to drive downstairs where they are going to be my new neighbours. all of this is very important. i dare you not to take advantage of deals on shannon's work.

3. cortney in milwaukee is also poised to launch printshop forever, what looks to be a seriously bank-busting project of limited-run art editions by meticulously selected artists. the first edition? painted and sequined antlers by another amazing wisconsin artist, cassandra smith. pretty darn tempting. and the prices are beyond reasonable for her work. i found out about this launch through faythe. my soul thanks you, faythe but my feeble budget and acquisitive eye do not.

January Artist:  Cassandra Smith
photo by mike goelzer

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