Monday, January 10, 2011


yarn balls (7)b

yarn balls (11)b

by the time all the holiday income is counted and bills payed, i usually managed to squeeze out a special gift to myself/the sweetie pie press. since craft-enabling apparatuses bring me great joy, it's not hard to feel very self-satisfied with such a new acquisition.

this year, the investment piece was a yarn winder and swift. i have some new crochet projects involving lace weight yarns and the task of winding those 400+ meter skeins finally pushed me over the edge and helped justify this purchase.

these guys came in the mail today and i am entirely transfixed. i have to bribe myself into doing other work with thoughts like "finish writing out this contract and you can wind another ball."

the future is now.


sara said...

The second paragraph is in some sort of archaic Gaelic right?

leah b said...

oh man. i can't wait to see what you do with lovely, tiny, red.

sweetie pie press said...

sara = nope. it's craft code.

leah = maybe something of this project can come to berlin someday.

Cleo Dee said...

This immediately brought back loads of warm fuzzy feelings of all the time I spent blissfully winding freshly dyed yarn in college. And holding it in your hands afterwards was just so satisfying.

Bindu said...

I can't wait to see your new crochet project with these threads....