Friday, November 5, 2010

renewal notice.

renewal notice
photo by garth johnson

i was offline so long that i neglected to mention my involvement in renewal notice, a group show curated by garth johnson on the topic of reuse. the exhibition runs in conjunction with this year's american conservation film festival in shepherdstown, west virginia.

the show (and garth's presence at the festival) are related to his book, 1000 ideas for creative reuse. i have to admit that none of my work is in the book. i considered submitting some work when the call was out but was feeling gunshy after an entirely unrelated and strange experience with another publication. i now regret my hermit-like reticence as garth has become a good friend who i consider to be exceptionally thoughtful when it comes to art, craft and intellectual pursuit. he is a veritable bridge of a man, linking various worlds that tend to misunderstand one another (art, craft, academia).

my contributions to the exhibition are a small sampling of plastic bag models from the toronto hyperbolic crochet coral reef (pictured above, right) and a selection of buttons from the security envelope project (not pictured). i could not be happier to be involved. thank you, garth.

renewal notice has a brief run from yesterday (november 4) through november 7, 2010. if you re in the area, you might want to go check it out.

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Tara Bursey said...

This show looks amazing, Becky! Also, I follow Garth's's great!