Thursday, November 4, 2010

model citizen redux (or something i'd like to tell you)

open studio

hey! i am back in toronto!

just popping back into the ether to mention that unspent love (or things i wish i told you), the multi-faceted story/moment project that my brilliant friend shannon started over two years ago has grown into yet another arena (and, as the model for chapter one, my face gets to go with it). tonight will see the opening of a combination installation/mural and new compiled bookwork at open studio in toronto. the opening reception will be preceded by artist talks. i love listening to shannon talk so i am particularly excited about this. just like it plays out in her books and art, shannon's way of looking at the world is both poetic and pragmatic. conversations with shan always make me think in new ways. so does her work. i consider this to be an extremely rare feat - to change the way another thinks.

the first eleven chapters of upsent love can be found online here. me, i want to save my pennies for a fetishistic hand-bound hard copy. but i'm funny like that.


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