Sunday, May 30, 2010

vandal in the wind.

dear providence dweeb who sulked up in the night and spray painted a big line down the side of my car,

fuck you. fuck you very much.

just because my car looks crazy doesn't mean you can make it look crazier.

i hate you. in fact, everyone you know hates you.



laurie said...

what an asshole! sorry about your car, becky.

Mama said...

Yeah. What a major jerk. And don't worry . . . your curse will follow this dipstick. Bad, bad Karma, it sticks like glue.

Ghostface Knittah said...

Oh jeez. That stinks. But, "fuck you very much" is my new favourite thing. You've just coined my catch phrase of the year. So, thanks!

laurie said...

you might enjoy this song:

laurie said...

er.... rather this link:

same song but i don't know what the hell that video was. i didn't check before i linked... the real video is sort of cute, or at least a bit better, anyway.