Sunday, May 30, 2010

rocket fuel.

when i take a bunch of pictures of really fantastic show/installation and can't tell you who did it, please remember that i am only a blogger amid all the other things i do. i also feel this cocky sense that every scrap of information i need will be on the internet and readily findable. this is the long way of saying that if you know who currently has all this stuff up at white electric in providence, please let me know.

white electric (2)b

white electric (3)b

white electric (4)b

aitor can vouch for the coffee quality here, too. i am a total teetotaller so i know nothing of these matters. but he bought a pound for the travelling percolator.


Tara Bursey said...

What a gorgeous fireproof wall that is. The art ain't so bad either...!

sweetie pie press said...

plus, you can attach posters to it with magnets.