Thursday, June 3, 2010

home and away.

make yourself at home (9)b

this evening we made a date to take a brief break from all of our renegade craft fair preparations and walk around the galleries of chelsea for an hour or so. aitor really wanted to go to a showing of mark ryden's work, so he planning a trip into the city around it. the show was great. ryden works in very large format (and incorporates hand-carved frames into his work), so aitor has been wanting to see he work outside of a book/the internet for a long time. i am glad he had this desire and that i got to tag along.

after that we were pretty much wandering. we were lucky enough to stumble into 'make yourself at home,' a nearly-over show at 7eleven gallery around the themes of home. the space is expansive and open and seemed to have been parcelled off to individual artists for the show (although maybe some of the work was collaborative). i took no notes, as this was supposed to be an easy-going amble. if you know who any of these specific artists are, feel free to let me know.

shows about home often allow craft to sneak in. in this collection i spied hand printed wallpaper, quilts, and, of course, some well-placed beads:

make yourself at home (10)b

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