Monday, May 3, 2010

vacancy, vancando.

photo by reverend aitor

if there is anything better than the charm of the highway strip, it's finding a nondescript off-ramp motel with weekly rates in which to make art, watch cable and otherwise get sorted. wireless a must, microwave and refrigerator a heavily weighted plus. bonus points for not being a chain motel. your loyalty rewards programs are interesting but too hard to sort out, chains, and besides we are shopping for an admittedly romantic notion of yesteryear's road travel.

all this to say we are hunkered down somewhere in pennsylvania. why does most of our motel hunkering seem to happen somewhere in pennsylvania? oh yeah, because pennsyltucky is always between bigger places you want to go. don't get me wrong; i have yet to experience a pennsyltucky hunker i didn't thoroughly enjoy (proof) (further proof). i hope i am not speaking too soon...

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