Tuesday, May 4, 2010

consumer retort.

this place reminded me of serena until i went inside and discovered the employees to be fairly douchebaggy. we are used to fellow shoppers (usually oily men) making fun of us in places like this but, come on, if we are spending our money in your store, please refrain from loud, sour gossip about us in the next aisle over. i know we can't all be toothless trolls but just because we don't look like you doesn't mean we want to overhear your derision while considering shipping supplies.


Tara Bursey said...

This sort of thing majorly bums me out. This story reminds me of when security guards used to tactlessly follow me around the Parkdale No Frills when I had my big spiky hair and punk rock garb circa 2001. Ugh!

sweetie pie press said...

it's just...when it comes to freak criticism we all live in glass houses.

Unknown said...

This is sad. Rotten deal!! (Good photo though)