Wednesday, May 19, 2010

spool party.

i totally stole this idea from claire. it has been planted in my brain since i read it almost a year ago. of course, the ideal is to use pretty vintage wooden spools but when these craft spools turned up at a thrift store at six for a quarter, i jumped at the organizational possibilities. so why am i travelling with rickrack and ribbon? well, i couldn't very well travel for four months without prototyping for a new project as i go, could i?


karyn said...

i've been thinking about this project this week! now i'm going to have to do it. you are on fire when you're on the road, i can hardly keep up!

karyn said...

oh yeah, i can't wait to see what you're hatching with the trim - something to do with your new technological advances?

sweetie pie press said...

i can hardly keep up and it is my life. somehow, though, the rhythms of home slow me down when i am not touring. but i probably need that over the winter.

as for the new project/prototyping, there are actually two projects that overlap at the same technological advance. one should be revealed and launched within a month. one is going to be a slower burn. i hope i have the energy to make it all happen!