Wednesday, May 19, 2010

adventure and exploration through philadelphia city.

we've passed through philly a lot on our tours and have thus consumed much of the touristy stuff that has been suggested to us here (the mutter coming up constantly). new things to explore in this perplexing city are always being sought. i think we heard about the wagner free institute through garth. we did. what an amazing start to our philadelphia adventure day. photography is not allowed, so you will just have to visit for yourself, but let's just say that everything from the catalogued insects, corals, birds, mammals, gems and fossils to their means of display is entralling. i though of so many people i know in the craft world as i wandered the aisles of glassed cases. ryan and matt could stand to visit for the fauna inspiration alone, karyn and jen came to mind as i marvelled at the colour palettes of everything from birds to shells and shauna and stephen seemed very present in the case filled with wood and plaster morphology models of various crystal forms (even their storage boxes were beautiful). i hit a wall at a certain point, having absorbed too much stimulus. i will have to return. you should go, too. this place is incredibly amazing. oh, and they did let me take pictures of the outdoor painted signage for faythe. faythe, there is some gold here - both literally and figuratively.

wagner free institute (4)b

after the wagner, it was time to pile in the car. i was treated to the extreme pleasure of not having to drive. this allowed me to snap pictures and sip tea. thanks, julie! it's a great gift while touring.

philadelphia (6)b

philadelphia (7)b

philadelphia (8)b

philadelphia (9)b

we visit fabric row, the much suggested loop yarn shop (a thoroughly stocked and friendly place), and this hidden gem of a tourist stop - a small fortune cookie factory with a special secret product:

philadelphia (11)b

philadelphia (12)b

philadelphia (13)b

...the x-rated fortunes range from revolting to nonsensical. i highly recommend them. oh, there was more - wig shops and parks and cheese fries and dinner. we are pooped. but i feel fuller and more in league with this strange city than i was before. you're great, philly. but you drive like a collection of lunatics. you know, just sayin'. a whole day out makes me wish for more taxidermy displays and less road warrioresque madness.

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Tara Bursey said...

Cool post!

Did they charge you a 50 cents per photo that you took at the cookie factory like that do in San Francisco? Ha, ha...!

I would just DIE for some dirty fortunes cookies! The filthier the better! Too bad this idea has already been done...lewd fortune cookies would be a perfect craft project for Aitor.