Monday, May 10, 2010

museum of everything.

today's travel itinerary was our most modest yet - we had to find a motel halfway to a town one hour away. this left lots of time for more capitol tourism. almost all museums in washington are free and the options felt endless so we chose to just find parking near the smithsonian buildings and wander. our meanderings were limited to the american history museum and natural history museum. above is a paper dress made by the scott paper factory in the 1960's. it immediatly reminded me of anabela and her new project. we happened upon lots of things (naturally). following is a random selections of things we saw.

smithsonian (8)b

a heavenly rendering of the prehistoric soup that we came from:

smithsonian (10)b

smithsonian (11)b

i could have spent weeks on end in the gem and mineral display (good call, autumn). that first giant quartz has to live in the shadow of that snotty little hope diamond. but i am more impressed by the quartz. there was even a whole section dedicated to minerals pulled out of the mines of our beloved bisbee.

smithsonian (12)b

smithsonian (22)b

smithsonian (17)b

smithsonian (24)b

smithsonian (26)b


leah b said...

a moment at an internet cafe to bask in your amazing photos!

i want to go to the smithsonian.

Unknown said...

Beautiful pics! I agree; the quartz and other minerals were way more fascinating than the jewelry. Marie Antoinette's earrings are pretty neat to see though. I really don't get what all the fuss is about the hope diamond, but I'll never forget how people were swarming around it, yet flat out ignoring the rest of the exhibit. I found it to be an obscure parallel to the current state of human civilization.