Monday, May 10, 2010

laurel and hearty.

greetings from another motel, this time we are in laurel, maryland.

laurel, md (5)

laurel, md (6)b

that last picture was taken for faythe. i am seeing hand painted signs everywhere now because of her.

giant food

speaking of giant food, our reviews of a dutch beer-based soup can be found here and here. on top of having been saved from homelessness by some total strangers in arlington, one of them turned out to be a vegetarian food blogger. apparently, we were expected to eat to earn our rent. can do.


Megabeth said...

You guys are welcome any time! Thanks for being my guinea pigs! :) - Megabeth

sweetie pie press said...

i really should have mentioned that we were fed more than just beer soup. you guys really made our stay in arlington the best.

Rhya said...

mmm...giant food = good times! loving the journey photos becky!

sweetie pie press said...

one of our favourite moments from a previous tour was being in one of these stores and hearing "attention giant customers..." over the p.a.