Friday, March 12, 2010

stuck up.

lakeview (4)b

lakeview (10)b

i went to get a bite this evening with my friend levi who is just in town for a moment and who i usually miss while he is off living an exciting los angeles life. i was pleased to discover that the walls of the lakeview are currently festooned with crowd-sourced post-it art. there was an info postcard there that i forgot to grab. does anyone have any info or links for the responsible artists?

levi, by the way, is not stuck up. just the post-its are. you should probably try to catch one of his stand-up sets while he is in town. his extensive talents are only going to make him more famous and soon you will only be able to see him in huge arenas. his website will probably list upcoming sets while in toronto.


H Munro said...

Is that the Rogers Cell Phone guy?

sweetie pie press said...


roisin said...

I was there a couple weeks ago - it made my day. here: