Tuesday, March 16, 2010

demands of an alternative existence.

where did becky go? well, to tell the truth, i really want to be here with you, internet of crafty people. but my life and time has been abducted once again by this other life i used to/secretly have as some sort of performer.

in this case, i have had the great honour to be asked by the theatre centre and harbourfront centre to co-curate a mixed program cabaret night with my #1 enemy, bob wiseman, as part of free fall '10. enter the bob and becky cabaret!

i am pretty excited about the show. between the two of us, we have the ability to book an incredibly eclectic evening of creative performances. i am very much looking forward to it. many of bob's picks are people that i have never seen, so i am going to be seeing much of this work for the first time, too. bob and i have also been working together on a couple of new collaborative pieces. so far, they both involve me trying to be musical (for my part, i tend to be supplying some sort of narrative structure to the goings-on). for a #1 enemy, bob is a very good teacher and supportive friend - even when i cry because he tries to make me sing and i am so bad at it.

we will return to your regularly scheduled nonsense after the weekend is over. but for now, i highly recommend that you check this evening out if you are in toronto on saturday. i perform a lot on the sly, but feel very urgently about getting people to see this show. i believe this will be the kind of thing that has never happened before and will never happen again (my favourite kind of show). watching me and kayla kick asses at catch23 is also a good idea, this only more so.

and that poster? tyler made it.

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