Friday, March 5, 2010

spiralling chats and new friends.

guess what - stalking pays off and results in new friends! based on my neighbourhood picture taking, i have been asked by the toronto craft alert to write an interview with local street artists (among other things), anna pantchev and james gauvreau. we had a lovely chat at poor john's about their collaborative work, trend, geometry, public art, physics, theoretical science, mutual friends, quilting, triangles and more.

shannon was right; i love these guys.

after all the chatting we went for a brief stroll in the new spring to visit the few of their nearby pieces that i had not yet found. here are some sneak previews:

invariant set 1b

invariant set 3b

invariant set 4b

invariant set 8b

look for the full interview on the tca in about a week (okay, maybe a week and a half).


shannongerard said...

the world just leaped ahead into a better version of itself.

toronto craft alert said...

oh geez can't wait becky!!!!