Tuesday, March 9, 2010

making in public.

stitch and bitch 2b

stitch and bitch 4b

tonight, i found my way out of my nest/cave to catch the last half of the workroom's monthly stitch and bitch. serah-marie and i had lots to chat about as she worked on an afghan and i crocheted more triangles. i. am. al. most. there. 94 done. 100 to go.

thanks, karyn, for giving me excuses to get out of the nest/cave.


michelle said...

I totally used that embroidered cup cozy at the workroom last Friday. :)

Keep meaning to thank you for the security buttons you recently sent. The thing is that you had already given me a set at a trunk show last year. So I feel guilty! Can I pay you for the 2nd set? It's very pretty and I don't want to give it up.

karyn said...

i like to see you out of your cave!

and i'm super excited to see your crochet project take such large shape. whoo!