Sunday, February 28, 2010

memorials for the living and the dead.

it is driving me nearly insane that i can't remember/find any information about the artist who makes these disarming plates and installs them around the city. i remember reading something of a "coming out" article about him (wherein he owned up to doing this work) years ago but now can't figure out how to find it or where it was.

public art 2b

public art 3b

public art 4b

i noticed these ones on my way home from the workroom. these memorial plates have been present in my neighbourhood since i moved here. so much so, that i can't remember if these particular ones are very old or very new. i find them haunting, specific and vague all at the same time. their installation is violent, the screws doggedly stripped or filled and yet they fit so smoothly into the greater brick and concrete landscape of parkdale. they probably fit so well because interventions like this are supposed to exist here as testaments to the sorts of things and people that business associations and real estate developers don't have much need for.

i do know this: many of these pieces include the number 13½. that usually means 12 jurors, 1 judge, ½ a chance.

any other information you have about the artist would be much appreciated. i would love to link to his own words if they are out there in cyberspace.

update 03.10.2010: bob wiseman to the rescue - the artist responsible is one rocky dobey. thanks bob!


Steph said...

They've been around for years. I'm really curious about this now, too!

sweetie pie press said...

they are right in front of gallery 1313. i might just have to go in and ask.

there have been other installations of his around the city. some have stayed and some have gone. i can never remember which is which.

also, he did some cement lenin head disks once. i remember that.

minouette said...

I can't remember his name, but there was an article about him in NOW magazine a few years ago.

sweetie pie press said...

yeah, that's what i was thinking of but i couldn't find it online.

sweetie pie press said...

update above - mystery solved!