Sunday, February 28, 2010

high fibre diet.

today saw the last meeting of the toronto church of craft in the foreseeable future. leah moves to berlin on tuesday and, as far as i know, nobody has stepped up to carry the gauntlet. but the church went out with a bang, luring the lovely kristyn woodfine away from her home on wolfe island to teach a little drop spindle yarn making.

spinning workshop 2b

spinning workshop 3b

spinning workshop 4b

it was a great workshop. kristyn is very patient and full of tips and information. i had been tooling around with spinning on my own, but made some real breakthroughs with kristyn's tips. watching so many other in action also helped a great deal. now i can't stop.

i also can't think of a much better way to say farewell to a crafty friend. travel safely and with ease, leah. i'll come see you in the fall (but more on that later).

spinning workshop 10b

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