Saturday, February 13, 2010


here's a little slice of the new curio cabinet that we got from my grandparents. it's a fairly shallow bookcase with a plate groove on the back on each shelf! pretty nifty. in this little collection i can spy work by nadja sayej, ottoman, small stump, margie oomen, tara bursey, the museum of jurassic technology and holly procktor. also acorn tops from my mom, a buckeye from southern illinois, lichen from pender island and the edge of a plate from nevada. as we try to rearrange everything in our home, i am sure it will take better shape. the light was just catching it very well this morning.


Summer said...

It's lovely! My little lichen rock is in good company, indeed!

Anne.Garber said...

I particularly like the morgue toe-tag. Nicely counterbalances the hand-crafted and collected-from-nature motif. This cabinet has never looked so well-loved.

sweetie pie press said...

a) summer: i love your lichen rock. it is a prized possession of mine or 'personal treasure' as my young friend willy would say.

b) mama: i wish we could have accommodated both cabinets. his/her curio cabinets has been a household dream since we visited our friends bruce and shannah in southern illinois (they have such a set-up).

Anne.Garber said...

Me, too. If any space opens up, the second cabinet could possibly be reclaimed from consignment. It was not sold when I departed on Wednesday. Meanwhile, we are delighted that you could use the one you took.