Sunday, February 14, 2010


doing a comedy show at night and a craft fair the entire next day is a recipe for exhaustion. it made me feel like we were on tour again. as a result, i took about three pictures at yesterday's erotic arts and crafts fair. they were very weird. like this one depicting what looks like aitor slumped over at his booth:

erotic arts and crafts 4b

although that could have happened, i think it expresses my lack of attention more than his lack of consciousness. maybe it is for the best that i put the camera away. i liked aitor's set-up because he had wall space, a rare treasure in our craft circuit. the erotic arts and crafts fair also offered him a space to sell the work of his collective without getting even one dirty look. this might be a new record.

for my part, the smuttons were a big hit. if it works out for me to return to the show next year (and they'll have me) i have decided to expand the series. i even got some requests and feedback from customers. suffice it to say that there is no shortage of smut to spread.

i also went home with some excellent zines by vicki nerino, a card of hers that even made the reverend blush, and a woolly undershirt from sartoria (i have been eyeing them for quite a while). the latter is keeping me warm right now.

all that and i got to meet the elusive and triangle spreading anna patchev. but more on that later...

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