Tuesday, February 2, 2010


public art 4b

public art 7b

i am starting to feel like i am following this mysterious neighbour/artist. or...she is following me everywhere i go on my errands - she just follows me in advance.

public art 8b

public art 10b

by many accounts, these neighbourhood triangles are the responsibility of the same artist who did the phone pole scales shown in tatters near the first piece pictured herein.

for some idea of the scales' decay, check here and here.

all of these things brighten my blustery days.


Tara Bursey said...


sweetie pie press said...

everyone seems to know this neighbour of mine. but not me.

shannongerard said...

these are actually a collab between anna and her fella, james gauvreau:

james is, incidentally, one of the greatest current living people.