Wednesday, February 3, 2010

chia culpa.

yeah, that's right. we even eat this stuff. chia is the new big thing.


Nightjar Books said...

what?! okay, I want one.

anabela / fieldguided said...

Ha! I love it. Geoff and I got a Chia kit for Christmas, but it's pretty normal looking and for growing herbs. Of all the sold-on-TV products, this one is pretty good.

sweetie pie press said...

aitor says that chia is some sort of miracle food with proteins in it and stuff. he found this guy at value village for a dollar and we buy seeds at the health food store.

it's also clearly handmade - some sort of cottage industry turned television sales pitch.

leah b said...

my parents and various crazy siblings also swear by it! i've wanted the pet version since i was day.