Tuesday, February 9, 2010

how could i forget?

i also got this scissor necklace from allison at the trunk show. it is a replacement of the one i wore forever and then lost one fateful fourth of july in an oklahoma motel. now that allison is back from roaming the world and is setting up at trunk shows, i got a new one!

i forgot to include it in my original post-rummage note because i was wearing it.

the original figured into my list of things-most-complimented while on tour. also on the list:
1. passenger pigeon dress
2. ok47 dress (i even wore that one yesterday)
3. necklace that julie made me (it deserves a photo of its own)
4. vintage screenprinted wrap skirt that marya gave me.

also, i am not a master of self-portraiture. this photo took me a lot of tries.

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leah b said...

i know how it feels to lose a comforting li'l gem. i lost a brooch made by kim:
on one awful may day in berlin. i retraced my steps for more than a kilometre, but i crossed 2 canals...