Tuesday, February 9, 2010

cat nap.

yeah, i take pictures of my cat. what can i say? show does weird things all the time, like falling asleep on the pouch i got from biggie at art vs. craft last year.

also of note today, aitor and i got called out as an orch-folk couple on the blog run by the merch masters touring with the magnetic fields. i guess prairie glam is over.

well, back to making things and packing orders...


Anne.Garber said...

That is one Kute-and-Komfy Kat! RIBBON!

Shelley said...

hehe find me a catlover who DOESN'T take pictures of cats... my cat is my own personal model, much to her chagrin :)

your kitty is beautiful and so are the things she's laying on!

mhm said...