Sunday, February 14, 2010

a celebration of parasites.

a trip to the southern ontario orchid society's annual orchid show is becoming something of a birthday tradition. this year it happened to fall right on my birthday. i love taking pictures of the show displays (even if it is a fight with the throngs at times). there is not much to say so i will let some images speak for themselves.

orchid show 6b

orchid show 8b

orchid show 10b

orchid show 14b

orchid show 20b

orchid show 23b

i ended up picking out three smaller orchids from the sales rooms this year. we are on a budget so i focused on value while trying to get a couple of new things. in order, they are some kind of weird crawling varietal called bulbophyllum falcatum, a phalenopsis in a new colour (to me) and something with thin spikes that i don't know the name of.

orchids at home 2b

orchids at home 4b

orchids at home 5b

orchids at home 6b

hopefully i will be able to provide for these new guys' needs. the last weird orchids i got fell victim to a string of house sitters and bugs. it was sad and made me take a brief moratorium on new orchids. but i am now gingerly reentering the game. wish me luck...


Anonymous said...

Best of luck!! I myself only have about a 60% success rate with any plant...I have a long way to go before I tackle orchids!

sweetie pie press said...

the phalenopsis (especially the ones bread to be hearty) are pretty easy and tough. they even like to be neglected a bit. fear not.

roisin said...

I'm a sucker for orchid shows too - always end up buying more than I need/can afford. I am getting the hang of getting them to bloom, though.

sweetie pie press said...

i did well in budgetary terms this time. things are pretty dire so small treats feel huge.

i have also heard that coffee is good for orchids and tea for african violets. i have tried the violet/tea cure, but not the orchid/coffee cure. the tea is nursing back a violet that had been reduced to a stub by a bad day near a radiator.