Monday, January 11, 2010

a winner and some replies.


1) given that i didn't want to clutter up the comments on the giveaway post, i have been holding my tongue (which is hard for me). so here are some replies before i announce the winner:
a) a general thank you to everyone who said kind and supportive things. they made me feel the opposite of how januray usually makes me feel.
b) mama: you are banned because you can have anything of mine you want, anyway. plus i knew you would complain about the wool. we can go through my yarn stash and make you something custom while you are out here. okay? sheesh.
c) i would love to see a knit version. i feel similarly about knitting - like i am standing outside of the room looking in. but i should be able to do it!
d) double neckmonia is when both of your necks are afflicted. walking neckmonia travels from neck to neck. i think there was a denzel washington movie about it.
e) levi macdougall is the best and i miss him now that he is a real working person swimming through america.
f) roisin: there is not much need to flatter me. it shakes my image of self.
2) finally! and the winner is: mathild-e! (the astute among you will notice that i didn't bother to take my mom out of the running after all).

i will be in touch to get you your goodies, mathild-e. i am very excited to be sending this guy off to france (i presume). i hear you got our canadian weather this winter, so this should serve you well.

and what a joy it was to lure you all out of lurkerdom. thank you all!

for those interested, i should be piling some more of these into the etsy shop over the next couple of days (i just have trampoline hall and my difficult mother's arrival in town to get through first).


Anne.Garber said...

Whaddaya mean "my difficult mother" . . .?
Bisoux, Mama

Mathild-e said...

Yeah! I just so your mail! Thank you so much! It's true that we have a horrible winter in France this year! :-( Merci beacoup! Bye!