Sunday, January 10, 2010


book binding

so, i am curating tomorrow night's trampoline hall (a local weirdo lecture series, for those who do not know) and have found a way to meld worlds by including a lecture about crafts.

actually, through cross-pollination of the multiple worlds i inhabit, i discovered that one of my theatre world friends had a pronounced aversion to crafts. in a way, monday night's loose theme of aversions came from this discovery.

anyway, steve obviously had to lecture about this craft-hate, but i also wanted to torment him a bit so he has been on a mini-gauntlet of handmade skill. i figured he had to experience some of his repulsions if he wanted to properly report on them. above are pictures of him a) knitting a pin cushion with kristin at the knit cafe and b) book binding with leah of the coldsnap bindery in my kitchen.

he got off so easy by avoiding paste, clay and anything else icky. don't think i don't know this. scheduling was really your friend, steve.

shannon gerard
will be lecturing on whales and jen goodhue will be lecturing on other lives, too.

trampoline hall is tomorrow night at the garrison in toronto. the show always sells out and a few rush tickets go on sale at the door at 6:30 (but they go so fast).

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