Sunday, January 31, 2010

travelling warmth.

here is a custom neck warmer i made for my friend bob who is now on his way to europe for a six week tour. he makes music and you might like it. i do. also, he sometimes tours with a video of a movie of a puppet show i made for him. i can't guarantee he's bringing it on this tour, but it's pretty cool if he is. you europeans should go check him out.

stay warm on those german and finnish nights, bobby!


leah b said...

i love that little film! even though it makes wanna cry. the first time i saw it was probably before i even knew you...but, maybe not... i had no idea you made it!

sweetie pie press said...

well...bob wrote the song; i wrote the action of the puppet show; katie crown & i made and operated the puppets; magali meagher made the puppet theatre and scrolling background; levi macdougall and magali operated the backdrop; and bob filmed it. so, it was a group effort.

angelune said...

you're right - I do like the music, and that was a super cute puppet show. I wish the video were crisper, I want to see the puppets better!

sweetie pie press said...

oh yeah, it was a super8film transfered to video and then put online. i guess it is probably sharper when he performs with it.