Sunday, January 31, 2010

smuttons redux.

okay, more mature content here. apologies again to the faint of mind.

i finished up the first run of smuttons in pervy red and pink. i laughed myself silly at the ridiculous combinations possible. aside from the obvious graphic options, you could sport a message like "rump bump," "spank toes," "nipple nibble" or even the entirely innocuous "hair tease."

i may have a secret hidden stash of these at the love and rummage show (i don't think it is entirely the right outlet for them) but they will be front and centre at the erotic arts and crafts fair. i am thankful to them for the opportunity to do a project like this. it has been a lot of giggly fun for me.

fist rub.

ear bang.

tongue pump.


K is for Calligraphy said...

Fantastic! You are an inspiration to all Sweetie Pie Press! Love them in the metallic colors too! Happy smutting!

sweetie pie press said...

phew! i was scared that i might have lurkers who would be totally incensed by these.

Nightjar Books said...

I LOVE smuttons. Becky = my hero.

sweetie pie press said...

mouth clamp.

mhm said...

Richard ask if you couldn't try some shapes, especially for smuttons?♥