Monday, January 18, 2010

a stitch in time.

i never make my stitches in time and i never save nine.

that is why i often have big huge holes in my clothes and need to darn them up. these images are from the church of craft meeting last saturday in which i lackadaisically taught some genius students how to darn socks and sweaters and mittens. that's me up there, your bookish narrator! below are my chronically snagging (and much mended) slippers and adrienne's first stab at replacing a sock heel. thanks to reverend mother leah for taking pictures.


toronto craft alert said...

i am now looking at past attempts to darn and feeling a little foolish. what an amateur! watch out, holes - i'm coming to getcha.

laurie said...

will you be doing another darning class ever? i couldn't make it on saturday, alas, and i have a sweater in desperate need of darning, wouldn't you know?

sweetie pie press said...

i have no plans to teach this again in the near future, but i hear tell that there are some youtube videos that may be of help. darning is pretty easy, i dare say.

laurie said...

i forgot to check back for your answer. i am most grateful to you for it!