Tuesday, January 19, 2010

holes be darned.

my newly rekindled obsession with darning is overreaching my ability to make puns about it (the goal of blogs).

after last weekend's darning workshop, i went surprisingly darn-crazy and mended up some socks, my long johns and (of course) my crazy slippers. the pictures herein involve another layer of mending on said slippers with a ridiculous choice of yarn - a fancy variegated angora that leah gave me. it is probably dumb to put a yarn like that on the bottom of one's feet but i only needed to use a little bit and i wanted to see how a variegated yarn would look with this technique (for purely aesthetic reasons, naturally).

slipper darning 8b

slipper darning 12b

after finishing up, i finally blanket stitched the frayed edges of both slippers. they look...better. i have no pictures of that step because directly afterwards i put the slippers on and thusly coated them in their usual mat of cat hair.

then i got sick with norovirus and had a very bad couple of days. i strongly recommend darning over norovirus, should you ever have the option to choose.


leah b said...

best use of veriegated yarn! i even kinda just love the way it looks before the basket weave - of course, that would be HIGHLY impractical for wood floors.

kristyn said...

those are darn beautiful!