Wednesday, December 23, 2009


a few years ago, under my father's 'care', the christmas stocking that my mother made me as a child was partially eaten by mice. well, mama stepped up and offered to make some repairs this year. she even took it on her travels to europe and worked on it while travelling the countryside (with a little help from carol, i hear).

now it is back in my care just in time for the holidays, and newly tricked out. it has even more bling than before and fresh new hand stitched velvet trim to cover up the nibbled piping (note: mice seem to like eating piping, thread and felt the most).

thank you, mama!

now it can hang on the mantle with the stocking i made for aitor last year in hope that santa likes to award gifts to athiests.

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Anne.Garber said...

My 'answer' to your post is at Sorry for stealing your photo. xox Mama