Thursday, December 24, 2009

sappy holidays.

hey everyone, happy holidays.

i know i am a weird jewish girl to like trimming trees and making stockings but i am not particularly afeared of assimilation. i also think that these decidedly pagan trappings and rituals make about as much sense as anything. plus, it's fun.

i try to add a new ornament to our collection every year. usually i end up buying something weird at a craft fair but i failed at actually shopping at city of craft so i had to make one the old fashioned way this time.

while trying to do some winter sorting and cleaning, i came upon the supplies for reva quam's felted ornament workshop for last year's city of craft and decided to figure one out for myself. i went a bit nuts with the beading so it ended up taking around five hours to make (maybe i bead slowly). it's nice to think i added something to our tree that i could not buy. we also got to watch movies on the couch while i worked on it. are these holidays setting in?

either way, i hope you are all well. happy winter!

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Catherine said...

I am happy to know that I am not the only Jewish girl who has a Christmas tree !
And the kids are so happy with it!
If they want to, they can do their own ornaments.
This beaded heart is lovely, it was worth 5 hours of work (it sounds a bit much tough ;-)
Happy holidays from Paris !