Tuesday, October 13, 2009

time and space capsule.

this is what this was all about. it was done for this. here it is bigger.

thank you to aitor, serena and anahi for illustration and companionship.


shannongerard said...

aha! so that is why there is a blank sheet. a space! a way to make the number of columns even! you have such a big lovely brain.

i was kind of fixated on the blank sheet after your first post about david hockney.

now i can relax.

sweetie pie press said...

always relax.

also, the david hockney thing had more to do with my vain attempts to capture crazy craft fairs (like puces pop).

i am jealous of your new website.

shannongerard said...

oh, i thought you were referring to David Hockney's alphabet, in which the letters look very similar to those on your clipboard.

i have been peeking in lovingly on the website, just to see if it is still as pretty as i remember. i like it (you know what i mean, that other kind of liking?) but i am sure that, as with everything else i make, i'll be utterly embarrassed by it in about 2 months.

sweetie pie press said...

you know more about david hockney than i do.

you know more about lots of things than i do.

shannongerard said...

you are drunk

sweetie pie press said...

well, i am now.