Monday, October 12, 2009

deep thoughts.

as the nights get longer and colder, we are happy to be introducing two new commissioned artist button sets from the mysterious depths of both sea and forest.

they are the murky progeny of milwaukee-based artist, and craft show pal, matt "matty 8080" cipov. matt is a prolific artist, an incredibly astute illustrator and a meticulous cutter-outer. his healthy use of office supplies, paper stocks and rubber stamps doesn't hurt his esteem in our book, either.

the images for these buttons come from a reportedly "ill-fated" art show matty had in seattle called 'creatures of the deep', although details are hard to come by. mystery! for the sweetie pie press, matt agreed to divide his illustrations into two distinct sylvan and marine sets (respectively) - just to make sure we were all adequately scared of specific depths.

having worked for years on boats, i find the shark particularly terrifying, although the owl does tap into all the formative twin peaks viewing i did in my youth. those things are not what they seem!

get ready to shock your friends senseless with these specters of the (mostly) natural world.

both sets are now listed in the etsy shop. enjoy!


shannongerard said...

i kind of hate these (you know what i mean, that other kind of hating?) which probably means they are successful.

totally scary.

is this what made you think about whales as a lecture topic!?

sweetie pie press said...

in case matt reads this, i should mention that shannon throws up when she sees whales.

but what about owls, shan?

shannongerard said...

gottdam scary little buggers.

matt-- i hate these images in that way that eventually leads to love.


I love all this hate... WITH LOVE!