Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a touch of endlessness.

monday night's city of craft deadline also meant that the toronto hyperbolic reef contributors had to come together to submit our installation proposal. of course, this meeting mostly involved absent minded crocheting (we are not the type to leave hands idle) as we took turns working on our proposal.

this left me with a newly started model which i had to come home with and work on. this meant pulling out my stash of crazy yarns for the reef project which also meant finding other hyperbolic beginnings. pictured above is a nudibranch i had started a while back (and finished last night). it is made from a crazy collection of mixed-guage yarns in a hyperbolic double spiral. i find it really difficult to properly match these insane yarns and colours but i think i did a pretty good job in this case - especially when you see what real nudibranchs look like:

photographer unknown's a tough act to live up to, but one that offers many possibilities when in comes to colour and palette. and here i thought neon was invented by the 80's.

our application relates to opening the toronto hyperbolic reef to more contributors, so polish off your hooks, toronto. our fingers are crossed that we will fit into the programming (yes, i have to apply, too). one way or another, toronto's reef hopes to grow and needs a lot more contributors to do so.

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