Thursday, September 3, 2009

apartments have gardens, too.

years ago, i did a custom button order for east york community garden. when i asked them what their organisation did (picturing simply public gardening plots), it was explained to be that they aimed to expand the public's view of where food comes from. for instance, it was put to me, i could be growing tomatoes on my fire escape balcony. it was as easy as that for me. i started a container garden very soon after. win one for the community gardeners. i have been fortunate enough to continue living in places with balconies ever since (although some foods can even be grown indoors) and keep a container garden every year.

with all of our summer travels this year, the garden is rather slim. i mostly planted hardier herbs that i thought would survive a stream of subletters and house sitters. the rosemary certainly prevailed. i just did a major cutting today.

even when my only crop is a small bundle of herbs, i feel the empowering effects of apartment gardening. i wonder what all this will be cooking into.

also, if anyone nearby wants chives, i have a heap of them. i grow them but i can't eat them.


Krystal said...

Your rosemary looks that a "little flowers" vase?

sweetie pie press said...

look at you and your ceramicist's eye. yes, it is a little flowers vase. i picked it up at the art start craft bazaar this spring. i felt so cheap buying such a small piece. i love it but if i was rich, i would have gotten more. her work is all amazing.

ADN said...

i tried growing tomatoes indoors once. the stalks got really huge and reached the ceiling(!) and it even flowered, but, alas, no fruit was to be had. apparently, wind is very important.

btw, this is leah (not aidan)

sweetie pie press said...

weird. i totally thought you could grow them indoors. wind makes the stocks stronger, apparently. next year i want to figure out a diy way to grow them upside down because i hate staking and want to maximize our floor space.

leah b said...

yeah, staking a 6ft and fruitless stalk was really annoying. my dad had some success with hanging tomato plants - he bought a special bag at a garden centre.

roro said...

Rosemary ALWAYS prevails! Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah!! xoxo