Sunday, September 6, 2009

private screening.

on thursday, i was lucky enough to get to spend some evening time with shannon and willy who were kind enough to help me screen print some new shirts for my improv duo, iron cobra.

it was my first ever attempt at registration (even though shannon did all the hard work of pulling). and i think the end product turned out very well. the artwork is by the ever-brilliant reverend aitor.

if you know where to find iron cobra, you know where to find one of this small run of shirts (i'll give you a hint: we're going to atlanta this week and starting a monthly show in toronto at the end of the month).

thanks shannon and willy and aitor. the shirts look rad.

and special thanks to willy for being our biggest/smallest fan and getting a custom shirt on the spot. well, he's a fan of aitor's artwork, anyway. he has yet to see iron cobra. but willy has threatened to come out to shows with his swear jar. he'd clean up!

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Unknown said...

I...have one of these. A yellow one. Amazing.