Monday, September 7, 2009

paper cuts.

i spent a few hours yesterday going through my grandparents' things with my mother. the nonagenarians have finally made the leap to a swanky care facility after my grandmother broke her hip. they are outstandingly happy there but their room is much smaller than the apartment they just vacated and there is much stuff to go through.

my grampa had been an accountant since he finished his military service in world war two. he only retired a few years ago so the accumulated paper hoards were considerable. much of these ledger papers and report forms have been obsolete for years if not decades. but, as hoardings go, his were very neat and organized.

it really is an impressive amount of stuff. this, with all the stamps and staplers and rulers i could ever want, amounted to a formidable amount of stuff to bring home. i knew aitor would choke when he saw it all. we mostly plan to use this huge collection of old papers for book and art projects. i wouldn't be surprised, though, if leah ends up with some for her work. she's been back on canadian ground for all of two days; it's time for clutter to start sticking itself to her.

but honestly, all the family deaths and downsizings i have been dealing with over this past year have left our home totally overstuffed with things. in some cases, i have inherited superior versions of things i already had; in other cases, i have been saddled with family heirlooms that must be kept at the expense of my less sentimental possessions (my grandmother was a talented artist who painted and sculpted large things); and in still other cases i was just forced to take collections of bit and bobs because...well...somebody had to.

i think this is all coming to a head and will have to result in a major ejection of stuff. i have some unofficial plans in the works to offer selections up to the world (by way of toronto). some of the things i plan to put back into circulation are suitcases, paper ephemera, vintage buttons (both pinback and otherwise), tea sets, grooming supplies, linens, housewares, books and craft supplies.

stay tuned for details...

are any of you looking to stock up these days?


Lisa PN said...

Hi there lovely becky,
when my grandfather came to canada from spain, he had two suitcases. When i went back to visit the family farm there was so much paper, books, letters that i wish i could have, but rain and water and time took their toll and they were seriously damaged beyond repair.
I brought home three books, my grandfather's favourite books by Alexander Dumas. It is one of my most beloved possesions of all time.
if you ever need to unload paper, do let me know, and other than that, i just want to thank you for being such a huge inspiration to me.

hugs and love.

sweetie pie press said...

oh, lisa. you are so sweet.

i would be surprised if i did not have excess paper. but for now, i have created this column of paper in our living room that i kind of love. we'll work though some of it, but it will also serve a more architectural purpose in the meantime.

Unknown said...

Wow! I love those photos and just covet those neat stacks of books... how I love to accumulate things too! Especially things that can be made into other things... I wish I lived in or near Toronto so that I could come and relieve you of some of your hoarded treasures... Having said that I might actually be coming to Toronto in March, so I will look out for anything Sweetie Pie Press related!


MafiosaGrrl said...

Old office supplies are the best!

shannongerard said...


sweetie pie press said...

i know. you have to see the sculpture i have made of this, shan.