Sunday, July 5, 2009

miracles, kicks, route 66. oh, and explosions of possible patriotism.

it's a miracle! the alternator was repaired before i even got out of bed! aitor was a champ for dealing with everything as i recovered from a late night of problem solving. and our hero, rob, well...he holds a special place in our hearts. how did we get our car fixed on the fourth of july? how could we have rolled out of town by noon?

above is a picture from a rummage sale we encountered in bourbon, missouri. everything was half price so our selections worked out to 17.5 cents. we tipped.

i don't know, there is not much to say about driving route 66 through missouri and oklahoma that will do any justice to the experience, so i will leave it to a few pictures:

oh, and there is so much more but it was a big driving day so we couldn't stop as much as i wanted to photograph the remains of america's main street.

as the sun began to set, we turned off the mother road and drove south through oklahoma. while the skies darkened, people in the small towns and places we passed were setting off fireworks. it is so flat out here that when we would hit a small rise in the road, we could see small store-bought fireworks displays for miles. some were tiny colourful pops on the horizon, some were big and startling explosions shot right over the highway from places like roadside sausage factories.

photo by reverend aitor

it was such a beatiful way to coast into muskogee, oklahoma, that i couldn't imagine where i would rather be to witness the celebration of america's big day. maybe a mattress sale?

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