Monday, July 6, 2009

further along route 66.

today we mostly picked up where we left off. this crossing the continent business has always been a mild ordeal for us. we have friends between the east and west but not a lot of crafty things to do. this translates into long driving days in the hot hot heat. (by the way, if you are a crafty sort along route 66, we want to hear from you. the vague plan for next summer is to set up a small gallery/boutique/trailer park tour along this path to los angeles).

but back to our crossing to albuquerque...

we quickly passed through oklahoma and crossed into texas, reading historical markers about towns that ebbed and flowed with deposits of natural resource. i really like traveling the panhandle along route 66. the towns are pretty and interesting. we were again thwarted by our own timing as we passed through mclean, texas, in the hopes of gaining entrance to the devil's rope museum. i guess we are doomed to just pass through, stare through the glass and leave.

we left texas and entered new mexico where the sun was going down and weather started to turn.

until it really turned into the most white knuckled our drive has been yet. aitor took some pictures as we came through the end of our mountain monsoon outside of tucumcari. my arm was numb from stress.

i considered not posting these pictures for fear that our moms would have heart attacks. but it's okay, ladies; we survived. and look:


Phil the Void said...

Hooray for dirt streaked rainbows.

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

i encountered similar weather on that same path a few years ago. i thought for sure we were going to be sucked up in a tornado. have fun in albuquerque! you should seek out some natural hot springs, they are fun for dipping.

sweetie pie press said...

oh, mountain passes.

other places i have experienced consistently bad weather:

- gary, indiana
- a pass outside of bisbee, arizona
- somewhere almost exactly between atlanta and nashville