Monday, May 11, 2009

thrift curation and treats from ohio.

these little miss septembers (caught in situ today at a columbus thrift shop) remind me of a current focus i feel myself developing - an eye for thrift curation. throughout this trip, i keep being struck by some very interesting choices in shelving thrift goods - colour matched displays of sundries, too many bunnies, and other decisions of likeness. here is another arrangement jaime pulled together at the crazy huge junk shop in indianapolis:

i feel that this particular new interest will persist throughout this trip if not beyond.

other than getting distracted by the beauty of thrift stores (yeah, i am sad that the septembers did not come into the station wagon with us, but i had to be strong), we went in to wholly craft to stock olivera up on wares for the cool people of ohio and pick up a couple of special goodies for our own cool selves.

i got this letterpress print and a small collection of vintage craft books.

olivera is very good at sourcing our vintage books, fabrics and supplies for the shop. her stock of old rarities is a unique feature of the shop and makes for very special bundles for shoppers to take home. and what deals!


Anonymous said...

Where is the "crazy huge junk shop in Indianapolis" that you speak of? I live near there and would like to pay a visit. Thanks.

sweetie pie press said...

here you go: