Sunday, May 10, 2009

columbus, rock city!

there's cheech up there displaying some very well formed visual tension with one of olivera's many velvet paintings. she was up to greet us as we got ready to go down to the shop for our all-day mother's day trunk show. it was great to spend a day in the shop, watch the way things run and chat with crafty...columbians?

as much of a treat as a day in the shop was, the true excitement came after we locked the doors and went out into the columbus evening. seth and olivera were all excited to see the new documentary 'anvil: the story of anvil' which opened here this weekend. it opened on friday but tonight's screening boasted a live performance afterward. the movie did not disappoint. it was funny, touching, and spoke deeply to the discrepancies between talents, will and success. and the post-film concert was amazing! all for eight dollars - and we were allowed to drink beers in the theatre. i will leave you with some photos of the performance and related headbangings. i made use of some new flash settings in these (as suggested to me by dave) so they get pretty strange. thanks for the new expermental territory, dave! and thank you, anvil, for keeping the dream alive.


shannongerard said...

i'm jealous! i want to meet olivera in person!

sweetie pie press said...

she rocks. we talked a lot about you and your genius.