Thursday, April 2, 2009

trampoline hall and money buttons.

i know there is something terrible in always liking newest thoughts best (and this is a personal tendency that i am trying to work against), but i just hammered out some special custom buttons for trampoline hall's money show (happening on monday). they are made with actual shredded money that was graciously donated to the show by jeannie kamins.

home run! well, in my self-congratulating opinion, anyway.


Nightjar Books said...

how are you getting all this money and shredded money?? did you mention how in a previous post and I've deleted it from my memory?

I really love the buttons + really hope I can get a ticket! trampoline hall = best.

leah b said...

those look amazing!

tina said...

wow! these are super cool!

sweetie pie press said...

hey thanks guys.

in reply to nightjar's questions:

a) trampoline hall wrote me a cheque for $600. that is how i made 120 tickets.

b) my friend jeannie had two big boxes of shredded money and she gave them to me. that is all i know about the origins of the shreds. it is also being used on monday by serena mccarroll's set for the show.

toronto craft alert said...


Unknown said...

I love this, it makes them look faceted!

And it's collage ;)