Friday, March 6, 2009

spring day in toronto.

today we went out without jackets! i just wore a light cardigan and a scarf - didn't even pull out the mittens i had put in my purse. we took transit to honest ed's (in case you were wondering about the positive financial impact of housing an art show, honest ed's, it has rekindled my appreciation of your maze-like establishment). i had plans to get some jars to help sort both our pantry and my crafting supplies. to my way of thinking, the pantry model is the most useful organizational system for any grouping of non-paper items. this applies to rolled oats, balls of angora yarn, beads and lentils.

after honest ed's, we walked all the way home with many stops between. although the reverend and i have both done longs walks like this over our cash-poor winter, they were not very comfortable. this was a change of pace - 16 degrees. in march!

along the way (we think we were on markham just north of queen), we encountered an amazing house that neither of us had seen before. it echoed a couple of detroit tourist highlights, the heidelberg project and hamtramck disneyland. but how had we never stumbled upon it before? it felt like we were on the road again in our own town (a feeling i have been looking for since returning). any information you have about this place would be avidly consumed.

we also managed a few extra errands, as any route from the annex to parkdale is littered with good places to visit. most notably, i delivered my first little bundle of buttons to type books on queen west. they have invested in some mores buttons (of the read, write and think varieties) to compliment their well selected array of interesting art and literature publications. of course, i fell in love with something after only allowing myself ten seconds of browsing. we had to leave quickly, lest my payment would not end up on my screaming credit card where it belonged. still, it is so nice to go to a book shop that is so well put together and thoughtfully filled.

in slighly sadder news, i also went to the ontario crafts council gallery to pick up my installation - it came down on sunday. it was kind of amazing to see my once glorious grid reduced to a pointy heap of nails and magnets again. i suppose i need to start hustling to make the public side of the project rise again. i also, as always, have a big backlog of envelope contributions to go through. rust never sleeps. say, does your gallery need my button project in it for a while...?

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Emma said...

i was in type on the weekend and saw them. they made me smile while buying my carefully selected baby shower gifts. type is great.