Thursday, March 5, 2009

lauren comes over.

last night lauren came over, we made trampoline hall tickets (with our sweet kisses) and watched carl on american television. it was more fun and laughs than i have had in a while and it was great to see carl on t.v. - although, i think aitor might have been marginally more entertained by the antics that lauren and i got up to. we mostly took our pictures next to carl's face on the screen. way to go, carl! i hope you sell a trillion books.


ablebody said...

that's YOUR friend? he sure was nervous. he kept up well though. i know i'd be nervous, especially about my work.
"uh yeah, i played the sasquatch. you can't see my face. i wore a mask. but, sure, that was me."

sweetie pie press said...

he didn't seem nervous to me but i am totally biased.

and regardless of any of that, he's a seriously good writer and thinker. i think you would especially like his book. well, actually i think many people i know would but you are one of them. seriously, i can't say enough good things. and i'm not the type to hype things i don't believe in.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky! It's Hollie...I met you at Trampolin Hall the other night. Nice to see pictures of my good buddy Lauren on your blog and nice meeting you!

sweetie pie press said...

it was nice to meet you, too. gosh, lauren is a good pal.