Thursday, February 12, 2009

a plastic yarn ball, some love from the void and a stolen picture.

there is no way to make cohesive sense out of today's activities even though they were not complicated activities. regardless, a pattern is not emerging from the fuzz. so...

a) a date has been set for the plastic bag yarn ball, and you are invited! next monday at the knit cafe of toronto. be there or be elsewhere!

b) today i received some reciprocal internet appreciation from summer at ottoman. thank you, summer.

c) i stole that picture from karyn. it's from the trunk show.


karyn said...

i really like that photo of you and your loot bags! it's okay to steal from me, let me know if you need some more fantastic quotes for the media.

Anonymous said...

You're most welcome Becky! I'm very excited about hanging the pins up! :)