Friday, February 13, 2009

how moths can devour the fabric of the universe.

is it just me, or is toronto entirely crawling with moths?

i finally unpacked my hyperbolic models only to find some familiar wormy cocoons in their folds. the damage was not severe (and could have been much worse) but it certainly conjured up notions of time-space wormholes. i wish my brain was capable of more than notions. this is why i crochet.

the unpacking was motivated by many factors - a desire to have an unpacked home, the upcoming hyperbolics i have committed to crocheting and a hyperbolic crochet class i am teaching at the knit cafe in april. it was time to dust these puppies off and contemplate them once again. it's the impending spring, i guess. a time when the desire for thaw turns a woman's fancy to the frilly lettuce of advanced mathematics.

the universe being what it is (perfectly ordered by a process of infinite luck), my friend leah just mentioned a fantastically generous hyperbolic quest she has been on while touring in the baltics. there is no need for gifts, little wayfarer. but i won't lie; that would have been an amazing surprise.

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leah b said...

i haven't yet given up.

but, obviously it's too late for a birthday gift. if anything is ever found, it'll just be a much love from afar gift.